Hanna Electrode Storage Solution, 250 Milliliters

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Hanna Electrode Storage Solution, 250 Milliliters

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The most important solution for your Hanna meters!

Hanna Instruments prepares this electrode storage solution using reagent-grade chemicals. This solution ensures optimum performance of your pH and ORP electrodes. When storing your pH electrode, you need to use a storage solution. This keeps the electrode's glass membrane properly hydrated. A solution also keeps the junction clear. Maintaining both a hydrated layer and clear junction results in a faster and more reliable measurement. Hanna specially formulates their storage solution to minimize microbial growth. It also prevents any diffusion/osmotic effects. These issues result from storing your probe in a solution with highly-concentrated inner-reference electrolytes. After cleaning, soak the electrode in this solution for at least one hour prior to taking measurements. Never store your pH electrodes in distilled or de-ionized water as it will shorten the life of the sensor.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Container volume (milliliters): 250
Product Features
  • Electrode storage solution
  • Reagent-grade chemicals
  • Airtight seal
  • Expiration date and lot number
Product Benefits
  • Ensures optimal performance of your pH electrodes
  • Maintains hydration to maximize probe accuracy
  • Unlike distilled or ionized water, this solution will not shorten the life of the sensor
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