Herbi Handheld Controlled Droplet Sprayer

Herbi Handheld Controlled Droplet Sprayer
Controlled droplet applicators provide precise, low drift coverage and can treat several acres an hour. These sprayers utilize a spinning disc for Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) of herbicides and other chemicals. These CDA applicators put out consistently large spray droplets, which minimize drift and provide precise spray widths and patterns. The great coverage provides excellent results and saves you time and money, not to mention less fatigue due to its light weight design. The applicators are powered by 4 D-cell batteries and will provide 30-40 hours of spraying. The Herbi and Herbaflex are lightweight, provide great coverage, and don't require continuous pumping. Imagine how quickly they will pay for themselves. Herbi model provides a 4 ft swath and is used commonly for borders, pathways, strip spraying or large areas.
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HERBI QUESTION: Is the width adjustable on the Herbi? ANSWER: The spray width on the Herbi sprayer is not adjustable. It produces a consistant 4' width. However, additional lance assemblies(lower half) are available to produce either a 4-20 inch width or a 5.5-7.5 ft width. [the 5.5-7.5 ft. is our Product Number LHT3] Herbi model provides a 4ft swath and is used commonly for boarders. pathways. strip spraying or large areas 8.00000000 In Stock $304.49
HERBA Herbaflex model provides an adjustable width from 4" to 20". Use for spraying around bulidings, along fences, and between row crops. The "shroud" has an adjustable band width of 4 to 20 inches which re-captures any unsprayed solution and allows it to be re-used while preventing dripping any overspray. In Stock

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