Husqvarna Replacement Chain Loops

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Dampen vibration and reduce kickback!

These Replacement Chain Loops fit Husqvarna-brand chainsaws. Each loop features camfer chisel cutters and has a gauge of 0.050 inches. See below for buying options.

Regular chainsaw maintenance is essential for both safety and efficiency. It is always a good idea to have replacement chains on hand to avoid potential downtime.

Husqvarna Replacement Chain Loops dampen vibration and reduce kickback. These loops work on more than just Husqvarna-brand models. Review each product page to find the correct replacement part for your model. To see all this information in one place, be sure to check out our handy Chainsaw Loop Information Chart in the links section below.
Item # Bar Length Drive Links Stock Status 1 – 2 3 + Qty
HQ3662 16 Inches 66 In Stock $23.29 $21.29
HQ3066 18 Inches 72 In Stock $20.19 $19.19
HQ3072 18 Inches 62 In Stock $22.29 $20.99
HQ8072 20 Inches 72 In Stock $24.29 $22.29


  • Bar length (inches): Varies
  • Pitch (inches): Varies
  • Gauge (inches): 0.050
  • Drive links: Varies
  • Husqvarna model: Varies

Product Features

  • Replacement chain loop
  • Ideal for Husqvarna models
  • Fits other brands/models

Product Benefits

  • Keeps your saw safe and efficient
  • Having extra chains reduces potential downtime

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