Imicide Micro Injected Insecticide Quarter Flat of 24 Capsules


USDA-tested and trusted!

Mauget's Imicide™; is a broad-spectrum micro-injectable insecticide. It contains the active ingredient imidacloprid (10%). This enclosed system comes in single-use capsules. Each quarter-flat contains 24 individual capsules. Choose your desired capsule volume below. Imicide™; is ideal for eliminating numerous insect species including emerald ash borers as well as Asian and citrus long-horned beetles. It starts controlling infestations as soon as one to seven days after application. Its exceptionally long residual control allows for multi-season effectiveness. See the technical sheet in the links section below for a complete list of target insect species. For best results, apply Imicide™; as a preventative treatment. Review the product label below for product warnings, application methods, and dosage rates. The USDA, as well as state and city governments, use Imicide™; in their prevention and eradication programs. In this role, this exceptional product has protected over 500,000 trees! This product may be subject to individual state restrictions. Thoroughly review the product label before purchasing this product.
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