Jackson Contractor/Industrial Grade Wheelbarrows

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Proven out in the field, this industrial grade wheelbarrow is tough.

This barrow has steel front tray braces, cross braces and shoes, H-braces between legs, a 16-inch wheel assembly, 2-ply pneumatic tires, and greaseable fittings. Choose below to get the right model for your job. Assembly required.
Item # Description Ship wt Stock Status Price Qty
M11T22 5.75 cu ft folded steel tray with wire reinforced rim for the strongest wheelbarrow available. 480 lb load capacity. 64 lb In Stock $191.99
M6T22 6 cubic foot heavy gauge seamless steel; 500 lb load capacity. 57 lb In Stock $161.99
MP575T22 5.75 cubic foot contractor barrow with a heavy-duty corrosion-proof poly tray. 480 lb load capacity. 45 lb In Stock $199.99


Heavy gauge steel tray is press formed and folded creating three thicknesses of steel. 16" wheel assy. Axle is 5/8" thick. Handles are seal-coated to resist moisture. Weight 64 pounds, UPS shippable. Ames says the handles are 20" apart at the widest point

Product Features

All single wheel Jackson Wheelbarrows can be converted to two wheel with TWKT two wheel conversion kit.


Manufacturer supplies a warranty that will exchange defective parts for replacement.

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