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All of the advantages of Jiffy Pots with the flat filling and handling ease of Multi-Pot trays!

Ultra-lite carrier sheets use a minimal amount of plastic yet provide excellent plant stability, even in partially empty flats. They also inhibit inter-pot rooting during longer growing cycles.
Item # Case Qty Per Pack Ship wt W x D Stock Status Price Qty
JPP-218 2300 paks 50 slots 28 lb 2 in x 2 in In Stock $137.39
JPP-220 2000 paks 50 slots 25 lb 2 in x 3 in In Stock $128.19
JPP-440 558 paks 18 slots 23 lb 3 1/2 in x 4 in In Stock $122.09
JPP-529 1344 paks 32 slots 25 lb 2 1/2 in x 3 in In Stock $137.39


  • The JPP-220 are 2" x 3" pots, 50 per Pak (tray), 2000 pots per box
  • The JPP-218 are 2" x 2" pots, 50 per Pak (tray), 2300 pots per box
  • The JPP-529 are 2 & 1/2" x 3" pots, 32 per Pak (tray), 1344 pots per box
  • The JPP-440 are 3 & 1/2" x 4" pots, 18 per Pak (tray), 558 pots per box


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5 Stars

Easy to seed, remove for transplanting, and plugs plastic mulch wrote

We bought the poly paks not knowing for sure if they would do what we wanted. They have exceeded our expectations. We can treat them as a 50-cell 1020 tray (easy to fill, seed and handle), easily remove each plant from the tray for transplanting without disturbing the roots or having trouble dislodging them with no need to tear apart joined cells, and finally, we plant into plastic mulch with a water wheel transplanter, and find the 2x2 are fitting tightly into the punched holes which should help reduce weeds that sprout up later through the punched holes that happens with traditional soil only plugs.

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