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JobSite Boot Scrubbers


The perfect boot cleaning tool!

JobSite designed their Boot Scrubber brushes to clean your dirty boots or shoes in just a few scrapes. These heavy-duty brushes provide a practical and easy way to keep your footwear clean! JobSite makes these scrubbers with built-in sole and edge scraper brushes. These brushes remove those tough-to-reach pieces of mud and manure caked on the bottom of your shoes. Strong bristle brushes clean mud and snow off boots and shoes. Keep a JobSite Boot Scrubber by every door in your house or business. Use them to keep your RV, tent, or boat clean! Choose from one of two models. The upright version features a metal frame and plastic ferrule. The flat model features a hardwood, high-density molded plastic construction. JobSite builds both models to last!
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