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Kelway PH and Moisture Tester

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Kelway pocket size soil tester needs no chemicals - simply insert in soil for instant reading!

Push button switch for measuring pH ranges from 3.5 to 8. Can be calibrated to maintain accuracy. Also measures soil moisture. Accuracy +/- .2 pH in acidic soils. Not designed for alkaline soils of 7.5+ pH or greater. Case included, 6 1/2in. long.


Tests soil in 3 minutes, no battery or chemicals, 6- 1/2in. overall length, 8oz. overall weight. Complete with carring case. PH range from 3.5 to 8. Used for testing soil not liquids.

Product Features

Manufacturer promises these are accurate to within +/- .2 of a PH number in acid soil. These are not made for saline or alkaline soil with a pH over 7.5+ ph


Manufacturer supplies a 6 month warranty against defect in material or workmanship.




    <ul class="unstyled listoption5"><li></li><b>QUESTION:</b> How does the meter work? </li><li></li><b>ANSWER:</b> The meter utilizes a tiny flow of current through the two metal plates located on each side of the units housing. </li><li></li><b>QUESTION:</b> Which side of the cleansing sheet do I use? </li><li></li><b>ANSWER:</b> Use the dull side. </li><li></li><b>QUESTION:</b> Where can I get the green cleansing sheets to clean the Kelway Acidity Tester? </li><li></li><b>ANSWER:</b> Kelway deals direct in supplying these sheets. Call 201-847-8353, or write Kel Instruments, PO Box 54, Wyckoff, NJ 07481. They will not sell meters direct but do offer the cleansing sheets. </li><li></li><b>QUESTION:</b> Can the meter be calibrated? </li><li></li><b>ANSWER:</b> When not in use the meter should read neutral at pH of 7. There is an adjustment screw in order to calibrate periodically if needed. </li><li></li><b>QUESTION:</b> Why test for soil acidity? </li><li></li><b>ANSWER:</b> Nutrients cannot dissolve in very acid or alkaline soil. </li><li></li><b>QUESTION:</b> Why choose a direct reading soil tester? </li><li></li><b>ANSWER:</b> Litmus paper is not accurate enough and is difficult to use and interpret. Laboratory glass electrode ph meters require buffer solutions, temperature control, power sources,clean equipment and are very fragile. </li><li></li><b>QUESTION:</b> Where is this product made? </li><li></li><b>ANSWER:</b> It is made in Japan

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