Kinco Gloves

Your work gloves go with you on every job and project -- so make sure you choose gloves that meet the highest standards of quality, comfort, and performance. A.M. Leonard offers the best selection of commercial-quality work gloves and gardening gloves from Kinco, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Since 1975, Kinco has been a trusted source for reliable gloves that will keep you safe, comfortable, and productive on the job.

Viewing 1 - 6   6 Items
Viewing 1 - 6   6 Items

Tough, strongly built gloves are essential for every professional landscaper or gardener, and our selection from Kinco doesn't cut any corners on quality. Here you'll find a wide variety of gloves made from several types of materials, including latex, cowhide, cotton jersey, goatskin, PVC, pigskin, deerskin, suede, and more. Whatever your line of work, Kinco has the perfect fit.

Our top-selling Kinco Latex Coated Work Gloves are the industry standard for quality and value. They are made from knit cotton for flexibility and a latex-coated palm that is ideal for gripping. Whether you're out in the garden or working with heavy equipment, there's no shortage of uses for these versatile gloves.

When it's time to outfit yourself or your crew with work gloves, trust A.M. Leonard to provide the best selection at competitive prices. Check out our inventory of Kinco gloves today and ensure your hands are protected and comfortable during all types of work.