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Landscapers know that the job doesn't always end when the work is done. Without maintenance, unwanted weeds and insects will find their way into your carefully grown landscape and ruin all that hard work. Spreading liquid herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers evenly over a wide area is a perfect way to keep the your plants and turf healthy, though it can be a daunting task. Our selection of lawn and garden sprayers makes it much easier!

We carry high-quality Field King and Solo backpack sprayers. For large jobs, our shoulder harnesses and padded straps provide extra comfort. Our hand sprayers vary in size from one quart to six gallons, so you know you'll find the right size for your project.

We also offer a choice of sprayers with either piston or diaphragm pumps. Spray wands and nozzles can produce any type of flow you choose. Injectors provide pinpoint control of flow rate and the amount of chemicals sprayed.

For bigger jobs, we have trailer sprayers and skid sprayers. Skid sprayers are available with capacities up to 200 gallons. For delicate plants and extensive areas, a mist blower is an excellent solution. Droplet spreaders work well in tight spaces, such as between rows of plants or along fences or buildings.

Granulated fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides can be distributed with lawn spreaders. We carry several sizes of lawn spreaders in a variety of types, including hand crank, drop, and high output. We have manual models and tow-behind spreaders for large jobs.