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Leonard 24-Inch Straight Watering Wand with Stainless Steel Watering Noz.zle

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Two great watering tools in one low price!

This kit combines two of our most popular watering tools, a 24-inch straight watering wand and a stainless-steel nozzle. Leonard Straight Watering Wands feature an anodized aluminum construction. A foam grip gives you a comfortable non-slip hold on the tool. This grip also insulates your hands from the water temperature. This wand includes a brass female swivel and a male connection. This wand quickly fastens to any standard garden hose. The Leonard Stainless-Steel Watering nozzle features a a corrosion-resistant stainless steel faceplate with an aluminum body. Micro-sized holes in the head provide you with the perfect balance of volume and force. These stainless-steel nozzles fasten onto the wand or any standard garden hose. Our garden wands and watering nozzles blast away the competition! You get two great tools for one low price and we back both with a 1-year warranty. Why buy these tools separately when purchasing them together saves you money!? Unlike other nozzles, Leonard Watering Nozzles will not harm your plants or disturb your soil! Also, thanks to the volume control of this nozzle, you will also save money on your water bill!
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