Leonard 6-Tine Forged Steel Manure Forks

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This proven winner handles any job!

Leonard 6-Tine Forged Steel Manure Forks feature a single-piece forged steel head. We use a heat treatment and temper process to maximize the durability of the steel. This head has a distinct scoop shape and measures 12-1/2 inches in length and 10 inches in width. The six tines are oval-shaped for added strength. Choose from either a straight or D-grip handle below.

We engineer our Leonard 6-Tine Forged Steel Manure Forks to be lightweight yet sturdy. Use them to move compost, mulch, straw, and more with ease. Sharp, pointed tines penetrate deeply into piles. The scoop shape allows you to carry more material at a time.

These forks feature a single-piece forged steel head. This design makes it strong enough to hold its shape even after years of service. We cover this tool with our lifetime warranty.
Item # Handle Stock Status 1 – 2 3 + Qty
AMF6 Straight In Stock $48.99 $45.72
AMF6D D-Grip In Stock $58.09 $53.79


  • Head material: Steel
  • Head length (inches): 12-1/2
  • Head width (inches): 10
  • Handle material: Ash
  • Handle type: Varies
  • Handle length (inches): Varies
  • Overall length (inches): Varies

Product Features

  • One-piece forged steel head
  • Heat treated and tempered
  • Distinct scoop design
  • Oval-shaped steel tines

Product Benefits

  • Lightweight yet sturdy design
  • One-piece welded head holds its shape after years of use
  • Scoop shape moves compost, mulch, straw, and more with ease
  • Sharp, oval-shaped pointed tines penetrate deeply into materials


We cover this product with our lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.
Lifetime Warranty

Review Summary (Based on 10 Reviews)

5 Stars

Forged Steel Manure Fork, 30 inch wrote

I am very pleased with this product. The forks are very strong, the tool is light, easy to handle with a good design and well made.

5 Stars

Our compost fork wrote

Perfect size for our use and bullet proof construction, our first home made compost bins are under construction to hold our saved leaves and grass clippings to be magically turned into garden soil. This fork is ideal for churning our materials and for spreading as well.

1 Star

Broken handle right out of the box - no signs of shipping damage wrote

Thought this was a quality product, but wooden handle was completely broken inside metal collar. There were no signs of excess stress on the item or box from shipping. Sticker of country where it was made says it all... and it's NOT the USA.

A.M. Leonard responds:Customer was given a full refund for the defective tool.

5 Stars

Great fork. No manure wrote

They should really name it the Leonard compost fork. No livestock for several miles from me. But I do make compost for my garden. My recipe is 60% grass clippings to 40% shredded junk mail. (Yes, the Postal Service delivers one of my basic ingredients to me every day for free!) The key to getting all that matted grass and clumpy paper to rot is turning the pile frequently. My Leonard manure fork has made working my compost pile a breeze. Because it’s easier to turn, I am producing more compost than ever before. I had more than I could use in my garden so I put the extra on my lawn. My grass has never looked better. It’s even better than my neighbor’s lawn. He spends all that money on chemicals. I just mow my grass and check the mailbox.

5 Stars

High quality wrote

Before buying this pitch fork, we used similar ones from [other stores]. Those tools would not take last very long before the handle and the fork became apart. The A.M. Leonard fork is far superior and has outlasted three of the others. Cost a bit more but is well worth every dollar!

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