Leonard Adj-A-Tye Chain Lock

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Just slip, twist, and lock!

We have Leonard Adj-A-Tye Chain Lock made to our specifications. This chain lock features a black, UV-resistant finish. A convenient dispensing reel keeps the chain neat and under control. Choose from either poly or a rubber material below. Available in either 1/2-inch medium-weight or 1-inch heavy-weight.Leonard Adj-A-Tyle Chain Lock has hundreds of uses. It is excellent for bracing overloaded fruit tree limbs. It makes staking easier than ever. This chain tie is extremely easy to use. Just slip through, twist, and lock!We designed Leonard Adj-A-Tye Chain Lock for strength and value. The convenient dispensing reel allows you to cut off what you need. This enables you to eliminate waste and save valuable time.
Item # Material Width Length Strength Stock Status 1 – 6 7 + Qty
5105S Rubber 1 Inch 100 Feet Extra Heavy Duty In Stock $36.35 $34.07
5105 Poly 100 Feet Extra Heavy Duty 1 Inch In Stock $38.42 $36.04
3105 Poly 250 Feet Medium Duty 1/2 Inch In Stock $31.82 $30.57
3105S Rubber 1/2 Inch 250 Feet Medium Duty In Stock $30.29 $28.77

Review Summary (Based on 24 Reviews)

3 Stars

chain lock rubber wrote

Not as easy to use as I wanted.

5 Stars

Look forward to using wrote

I used this 15 years ago and wasn't able to replace it. Glad to see it back, but I really don't need 250'!

5 Stars

Great product wrote

Easy to work with, very sturdy, doesn't move around and cause damage to trees

5 Stars

The Best wrote

Works great, the best we have tried.

5 Stars

Adjust-A-Tie wrote

I use the product to tie up branches, anchor saplings, etc. It is very easy to use (no knots to tie, adjustable, reuseable etc). I also use it for other binding/storage needs. For example I use 3 lengths of the ties to secure the garden hose coiled for winter storage with one of the lengths left long enough to loop on itself so that I can hang the coiled hose from a hook on the wall of my garden room

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