Leonard All Steel Drain Spades


Our strongest all-steel spades yet!

We make our Leonard All-Steel Drain Spades using a high-quality steel alloy. The tapered 12-gauge steel blade measures 16 inches in length and 6 inches in width at the foot step. It also features a tapered grind along the bottom edge. We pre-sharpen the blade, so it is ready to use right out of the box. We weld the blade directly to a steel handle. We then apply a powder-coat to the entire tool to protect the tool from rust. The handles of these spades provide a low 4-1/4-inch lift. Choose from either a d-grip or straight handle below. The low handle lift of these spades makes them ideal for spading and trenching tasks. The long, narrow shape of the blade digs efficiently into the soil. This shape makes these spades great for planting one to five-gallon plants and for transplanting shrubs and small trees. The large turned foot steps reduce fatigue during prolonged use. Pre-drilled holes allow you to easily add a Leonard Rubber Foot Pad for even more comfort. We build all of our tools to last, these spades are no exception. The high-quality steel alloy construction of these spades allows them to take on even the toughest projects without breaking. The welded, one-piece steel construction means that there are no connection areas to fail over time. Our signature orange color makes this tool stand out on the job site. We know that this tool will provide you with years of use, so we cover it with our lifetime warranty!
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