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Leonard Commercial Rubber Hose

  • 4 Stars
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The Toughest Hose We Carry—Made to Last!

Warranty: 5 year commercial, lifetime for consumer.Our premium rubber hose is built tough for the commercial user. EPDM material stays flexible in extreme conditions and is abrasion, heat, and ozone resistant. Commercial applications and conditions can vary dramatically and so can the water source, so we've built in some added features to ensure a durable hose.

With its heavier yarn, this hose delivers a high 600 psi burst strength (the highest of any hose we carry!). Plus with its six-sided cross-section, this hose has added kink resistance over typical round and octagonal rubber hoses. Its machined brass couplers offer extreme crush resistance while the orange color makes it easy to see in grass or dirt. Finally, it stays flexible in cold weather (down to -40° F) while it withstands hot water heat up to 180° F. Note: 5/8-inch diameter is typical for the average home.
Item # Diameter Length Ship wt Stock Status 1 – 9 10 + Qty
AC341 3/4-inch 100 feet 31 lb In Stock $137.19 $134.32
AC581 5/8-inch 100 feet 20 lb In Stock $110.72 $108.41
AC340 3/4-inch 50 feet 13 lb In Stock $74.75 $73.22
AC580 5/8-inch 50 feet 11 lb In Stock $64.25 $62.64

Review Summary (Based on 17 Reviews)

5 Stars

It’s an awesome RUBBER hose wrote

I have 3 of these hoses and I love them. They are rubber, so they need to be laid out to not kink, but they don’t form Permanent kinks. I think a lot of the reviewers do not know how to use this hose the right way. So far my longest lasting hose that can handle a winter.

5 Stars

Very good hose wrote

Hose is very durable. It will kink, but if you pay attention like you should. Everything will be fine. Even when they kink they are tougher enough to take it. Even in cold weather. Very tough hose. Have owned for over 3 years. Definitely would recommend this hose.

1 Star

Absolutely Terrible Hose wrote

I have been landscaping professionally and shopping with AM Leonard since the 1980's. This is the worst designed product I have encountered at Leonard! Last year I bought several and threw all of them out after the constant kinking had driven my employees and myself to use curses never before uttered.

1 Star

Terrible hose wrote

I bought this hose based on the description on the website. It is nothing like described. It kinks worse than any hose I've owned before. I am very disappointed. I was also disappointed to learn that I am having to pay for the shipping cost to return the item that didn't live up to the description!

4 Stars

Better then most....so far 1 year in... wrote

Okay so have the hose about a year. So far its better then most. No leaking and strong connections. It does kink alittle bit as all hoses will. Never had a perfect hose yet. While this is as close to perfect as you can get, I would recommend it. I plan on ordering more myself. Gave 4 outa 5 since its not 100% perfect.

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