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Leonard Fertilizers

A.M. Leonard tools can make planting a garden easier. Once the garden is planted, our Leonard fertilizers -- available in both tablet and pellet form -- will keep your plants healthy, strong, and well-fed for months. Slow-release fertilizers will ensure your plants have the right amount of nutrition without wasting resources. Proper nutrition is just as important for plants as it is for people. Make sure your plants reach their full potential and get the nutrition they need to thrive in different climates and conditions.

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12   13 Items

With Leonard fertilizers, you can expect the brightest blooms, healthiest stalks, and greenest leaves possible. From evergreens to shrubs, we've got food that will keep all types of plants nourished and happy.

Recently propagated plants are just starting to grow. Quality fertilizer is essential for the crucial early stages of plant growth. Young plants that are well-fed with Leonard fertilizers will last longer in inventory and resist diseases, protecting your investment and your business. And with our controlled-release formulas of up to 24 months, you can save time, energy, and money.

Healthier plants are more enticing in landscapes. Healthy flowers and trees in a park or yard create an inviting environment for outside activities and socialization. When it comes to feeding your plants, trees, and flowers, trust A.M. Leonard to provide the professional-quality fertilizers you need for optimal growth and health. Check out our inventory and find the right formulas for your needs.