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Leonard Pull-Style 4-Wheeled Nursery Carts with 2-Foot x 4-Foot Decks

  • 4 Stars
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The best in the industry!

Leonard 4-Wheeled Pull-Style Nursery Carts have a diamond-punched deck made from 11-gauge steel. This deck measures 24 inches (2 feet) in width by 48 inches (4 feet) in length. We make the durable, one-piece welded frame using 1-1/8-inch diameter steel tubing. Lastly, we apply a premium powder-coat in our signature orange color. This cart has four 10-inch diameter tires. Choose your desired tire type below.Leonard Nursery Carts move nearly anything and hold up to 900 pounds! They are ideal for flats, potted shrubs, or bagged materials. The deck maintains a flat surface, and the 1-1/2-inch side lips prevent materials from sliding off. The diamond-punched grid makes the cart lighter and allows water to drain instead of pooling on the deck.Leonard 4-Wheeled Nursery Carts are the best in the industry. We engineer them to be durable yet still light enough to maneuver easily. Our carts easily outlast those cheaply-made assembly line imports. We back this quality by covering these carts with our lifetime warranty! Double your space with one of our Steel Add-On Shelves. You can also Combine a Flat-Free Cart and Shelf and save some cash!
Item # Tire Type Stock Status 1 – 9 10 + Qty
2448WG Pneumatic In Stock $315.17 $299.64
F2448WG Flat Free In Stock $361.90 $361.90

Review Summary (Based on 5 Reviews)

2 Stars

Poorly designed wrote

I was hoping this was finally the great nursery cart we've been dreaming about, but sadly it falls very short of our expectations. The powder coat paint started chipping from day 1 and after only a couple months the deck started to bend where the bolt holds the front axle assembly in place. The only thing holding the front wheels onto the art is a single bolt through the decking and as you pull the cart that bolt bends back and forth. After a season and half the hole in the deck is visibly deformed, paint is chipping, and I expect in time that bolt could rip right through the deck. We also don't like that water, potting soil, and other debris simply sits on top of the cart. The diamond plate is only in the middle of the deck so it holds water and debris everywhere else. We have other carts that have lasted much longer for a lot less money. This one needs a major redesign so it will hold up better.

4 Stars

900lb Cart wrote

We use this cart extensively on our organic vegetable farm for harvesting, transporting supplies and loading produce. It's very solid and well made. My only complaint is it's heavy which makes it difficult to pull when loaded and the steering gets loose too often. Nevertheless I would recommend it.

4 Stars

Flatbed cart wrote

When I received this cart it had 2 flat tires. They would not stay inflated. After five or six tries, I gave up. I called Leonard and they immediately sent me two new complete wheels which are working fine. Good customer support is very important.

5 Stars

Nursery business In Colorado wrote

These carts are the best that I have been able to find. We have tried other manufacturers models and even the little pull wagons for kids- they don't compare in durability and quality. It is worth spending the extra money on AM Leonards carts. Just beware of the hidden shipping costs! Each time I've ordered the carts I receive a quote and than end up owing much, much more to have them shipped to us in Colorado. I would also recommend purchasing the solid tires to avoid fixing flats throughout the season.

4 Stars

Use lots of these carts wrote

We have used many carts from AM Leonard over the years at our retail plant nursery--these were bought to replace some aging green carts, since AM Leo no longer carries those. These are just as good and less expensive. The bright orange color is a help in not tripping over carts.

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