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Leonard Shearing Knife, 2 Sizes

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Great value plus extremely sharp high carbon steel in a well-balanced design means a shearing knife you can count on!

Lifetime warranty. Leonard shearing knives provide the corrosion and rust resistance of stainless steel, but have added chemical elements that allow their edges to perform closer to a high-carbon steel. Therefore, blades are extremely sharp and hold their edges very well. 16-inch long blades are part of a super lightweight, well-balanced design with beechwood handles. Choose the right handle for your job below! SK165 has a 6-inch" handle and SK168 has a 16" handle.
Item # Ship wt. Description Stock Status 1 – 9 10 + Qty
SKS 2 lbs Sheath for 16- inch Blade In Stock $29.74 $28.74
SK165 6-inch wood handle, 22-inch overall length .5 lbs In Stock $67.84 $64.00
SK168 16-inch wood handle, 32-inch overall length .5 lbs In Stock $73.84 $69.61

Review Summary (Based on 4 Reviews)

4 Stars

Beats a machete wrote

This is a great tool for very small diameter branches but is fantastic on blackberry bushes. I used to injure myself weilding a machete around to cut through blackberry bushes and this tool is ideal, being thin and sharp to easily cut through them and light enough to reduce fatigue. I am buying another one as the first one was dented hitting unseen concrete. Had the first one for several years.

4 Stars

SK168 Shearing Knife wrote

The knife works very well on small branches but I had trouble on larger ones larger then your thumb in diameter. The first knife I broke the handle through the first rivet. The shock of hitting the larger branches were too much for the strength of that first part of the handle. I also noticed that the cutting edge was bent in a couple of places. I don't know if the edge is to thin or it lacks strength. I bought two more but before I used them I took duct tape and wrapped it several times around the first 3 inches or so to strengthen that part of the handle. I used it on shearing the rest of my tees and there was no problem with the handle. However the cutting edge did bend in a couple of places. I would pound them fairly straight and it still would work ok. Overall ok but it could be made stronger.

5 Stars

SK168 wrote

Good price on a hard to find product.

5 Stars

shearing knife wrote

I brought this knife [SK168] for the shearing of christmas trees. I found the lightweight to be less tiring and the blade maintained its sharpness. The knife provided effortless trimming and very clean cuts.

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