Leonard Stirrup Hoe Blades


Precision-sharpened for optimal performance!

Use these replacement blades to keep your Leonard Stirrup Hoes in working order. They feature a high-quality spring steel construction. We sharpen both sides of the blade for optimal performance. Includes all hardware necessary for assembly. Choose your desired blade width below.

Leonard Stirrup Hoes are perfect for growers, gardeners, and landscapers. The precision-sharpened blade cuts through all types of soil and weeds on both the push and pull motion. Since it cuts just below the surface, it knocks down weeds with ease.

We design these heads to be lightweight yet incredibly durable. We make them right here in the USA and back them with a one-year warranty! Note: This blade is a cultivating tool and will wear depending on soil type and frequency of use. Occasional replacement is necessary. Our warranty does not cover this regular wear and tear.
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