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Leonard Tree Guards & Supports

Protect young trees with our own industrial-grade Leonard tree guards, webbing, and other tree protection supplies. We build our tree guards to effectively defend your trees from deer, squirrels, rabbits, rodents, weed trimmers, mechanical damage, and more -- all while outperforming and outlasting the competition. When it comes to securing the survival and strong growth of your saplings, put your trust in A.M. Leonard.

12   17 Items
12   17 Items

For effective tree protection, our highly-rated Leonard tree guards are a great place to start. Best-selling Leonard plastic mesh tree guards repel animals from biting or rubbing the tree's bark. The plastic open mesh is easy to apply, blends well with a natural environment, won't obstruct growth, and prevents the buildup of moisture and mildew. If you're looking for durability, check out our Leonard vinyl tree guards. These heavy-duty guards are reusable and built to last for years -- plus they come with our lifetime warranty!

For help with staking, guying, and other jobs, take a look at Leonard's Green Tree Tie Webbing. This product is well-loved by our reviewers for its ease of use, natural green coloring, and its soft webbing that won't harm trees.

For all your tree protection and support needs, turn to A.M. Leonard's line of premium-quality products. When you see our name, you know you can expect high performance and long-lasting reliability.