If unloading a truck is one of your -- and your back's -- least favorite jobs, A.M. Leonard offers a solution: Loadhandler. Since 1993, Loadhandler has been creating innovative products to help making unloading a breeze. No more climbing, shoveling, or backbreaking labor! At the simple turn of a handle, your sand, rock, ulch, wood, dirt, or any other material will be easily unloaded from the truck bed. This is perfect for professional landscapers and gardeners looking to save time and energy.

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Viewing 1 - 5   5 Items

We offer several Loadhander models to meet your needs. The 2000- and 3000-pound Loadhandler Pickup Truck Unloaders are perfect for full-size pickups; the 48x96-inch Loadhandler Bed Mat can be trimmed to fit compact trucks as well.

The patented Loadhandler unloader is operated in three easy steps: first, unroll the drag sheet in the bed of your truck; next, load the materials onto the sheet; after you've reached your destination, lower the tailgate, insert the handle, and turn to unload your cargo. It's that easy!

When it comes to making short work of your most difficult jobs, Loadhandler is here to help. Check out A.M. Leonard's selection of Loadhandler products today and say goodbye to tiresome and painful truck unloading.