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Logging & Clearing Tools

When it comes to logging and clearing your landscape, only the strongest, highest-quality tools will get the job done right. A.M. Leonard stocks a wide assortment of grubbers, root busters, grass hooks, machetes, and other logging and clearing tools to help you quickly and easily clear land of unwanted shrubs, logs, and brush.

12   19 Items
12   19 Items

Our best-selling shrub and clump grubbers -- available in 4- or 6-foot lengths -- are a great choice for professionals seeking simple and efficient removal of unwanted shrubs, saplings, and vines. Hook up this brightly colored, high-visibility chain to an ATV or UTV and you're well on your way to a clear landscape.

If large roots are giving you trouble, check out our Root Buster with 6-inch cutter. This heavy-duty tool will cut roots in seconds while preventing landscape damage and dangerous bounce back.

Of course, no landscaping arsenal is complete without a premium-quality machete. We stock a variety of different types, including our Heavy Weight Stainless Machete with 15-inch blade that features an innovative blade shape designed to increase cutting action while reducing user effort. This is the perfect tool for working through heavy brush-clearing projects.

From grass hooks to log jacks, whatever you're needing to clear, A.M. Leonard has the tool that will get it done efficiently and effortlessly. Browse our inventory and find the right clearing and logging equipment for you and your crew.