Max Tapener Hand Tying Machine

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# HTB2
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Weight: 1.48 lbs

Ties plants with a simple squeeze so that one person can do work of three!

The original Max Tapener is a proven time-saver for nurserymen, tree growers, vineyards or orchards. Just squeeze the handle to stretch tape between the jaws and it's ready to wrap around a stem. A second squeeze staples and cuts off the tape. It's that easy. Tie ribbon, staples and spare blades not included. Sold separately.

Keep your Max Tapener safe and accessible with our Leonard Tape Tool Sheath. For maximum efficiency, consider pairing the sheath with a Leonard Belt Pouch and a Web Belt.


Stapler and blade area are metal, tape holder/dispenser is plastic. Jaw opening is 2". Staples, tape, and blades are sold separately. However 1 extra blade is included with each HTB2.


A.M. Leonard's down to earth guarantee. This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's full one year guarantee against manufacturer defects for products when used under normal conditions.


    QUESTION: What diameter tape works with the Tapener?
    ANSWER: The Tapener uses 1/2" diameter tape, such as the 401GP or 402GP.
    QUESTION: What is the difference between the HTB2 and the HTB?
    ANSWER: The HTB is the same as the HTB2 but the tape drum is smaller and is green. It only holds shorter length tapes; 120' or shorter, 1/2" diameter of course. The HTB2 has the orange drum and can hold tapes up to 300' long. Otherwise they are so identical they both use the same parts.

Review Summary (Based on 18 Reviews)

4 Stars

Great Product with Quirks wrote

I normally don't do reviews - but I felt I had to mention that this machine is a complete time saver. If you have to tape/zip/strap several hundred (in my case thousands) of trees then you need this in your arsenal. It will save you an immense amount of time (couldn't imagine tying all these by hand!). I would give it five stars but it does have a tendency to either not pull the correct amount (and therefore not be able to grab the tape) or it's not pulling properly (though I'm in a windy area and it could be that also). Nevertheless it's still a super product.

5 Stars

Easy tying wrote

I have 600 seedlings and wanted a quick and easy way to tie these when I stake them. I first bought a cheap imitation from another site but I lasted less than a week. The Max Tapener has held up great.

5 Stars

Max Tapener wrote

The max tapener is easy to use and saves a lot of time. Easy to load the ribbon and has a variety of ribbon colors to choose from.

5 Stars

Love it! wrote

I can't speak to the longevity of this tool, but yesterday it was a lifesaver! I bought it for blackberries and haven't used it for that yet, but I planted 100 tomato plants grown in my greenhouse. Because of the cold weather they were tall when I planted out over the weekend. Then came an inch of rain and wind, so the next morning the majority were laying on the ground. I took this tool and cardboard to stand on working my way down the row and had all my tomatoes tied up very quickly. Took a few tries to get the nack of it, but when I did it was awesome. It would have taken me hours to hand tie them. I will be using this tool for many things going to go online and by extra supplies after reading these reviews.

2 Stars

Tapener wrote

We have 9 acres of vineyards and ordered the tapener for a quicker way to tie up the plants. The tapener jams, the tape doesn't roll out smoothly, sometimes the cutter doesn't cut all the way through the tape, we constantly have to be pulling at the tape, as it gets too tight when it doesn't roll out, and with any type of wind, the staples just pull out of the tape and the plants end up on the ground. I don't use too much profanity, but after a while of using this tapener, I'm glad there weren't any people around to hear me ranting and raving. We have resorted to hand-tying. Big waste of money.

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