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Maxijet Irrigation Nursery Stake B&B Assembly, 28in diameter spray max

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An ideal watering solution for balled/burlap and containerized trees!

Unique double down spray pattern produces an inner and outer 360 degree circle for a total spraying diameter up to 28" and is the only spray jet pattern designed to work at flows as low as 1-2gph. Complete with 12" stainless steel rod, and 36" blue flexible vinyl supply tube with barb. New shut-off hole to crimp vinyl tube and shut off water to jet. Extra rod post to add additional support rod. Flexible thick walled vinyl tubing w/ UV inhibitors and fungicide. REPLACES THE NCR. DOES NOT INCLUDE SHUT-OFF. CAN BE SHUT OFF BY CRIMPING SUPPLY TUBE AND PLACING IT IN THE STOP-RING PROVIDED ON THE STAKE. IF IN NEED OF SHUT-OFF, CAN PURCHASE SHUT-OFF BARB X BARB. PRODUCT NUMBER IS: MJ12.

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Operated from 5 to 35psi (up to 13 gph.) NOTE: if you are operating at 35psi and up we suggest the pressure compensating control adaptor sold seperately (item #MCTB)
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Product is covered by A.M. Leonard 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
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