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At A.M. Leonard, we are committed to providing landscapers, professional gardeners, and nurseries with specialty horticultural products. Here you'll find Medicap implants for trees that are struggling with various deficiencies, including iron, manganese, zinc, and other nutrients. If you're an arborist or landscaper looking to find effective solutions to unhealthy trees, you've come to the right place!

Viewing 1 - 5   5 Items
Viewing 1 - 5   5 Items

The popular Medicap FE implants provide a strong dose of iron for deficient trees, including oaks, pines, magnolias, dogwoods, eucalyptus, birch, and more. These implants are great for fighting chlorosis, brown spots, yellow leaves, and deterioration.

For a more general fertilizer implant, check out the Medicap MD nutrient implant capsules. These concentrated, water-soluble implants will help deliver important nutrients and stimulate tree growth. We also offer manganese implants for maples and zinc implants for fruit and nut trees.

When your trees are lacking vital nutrients, trust A.M. Leonard and Medicap to provide proven solutions. Check out our selection of Medicap implants today and ensure your trees are happy and healthy.