Messina Wildlife's Deer Stopper Concentrate

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No rotten egg smell, but it works for a whole month with one spray, and it will not wash off after a heavy rain!

Same effective, pleasant-smelling repellent as the ready to use product, only in concentrate form. Use on all flowers, shrubs, forest and fruit trees to prevent browsing and rubbing damage from deer, moose and elk. May be used on fruits and vegetables. Works by smell and taste and will not wash off after a heavy rain. Apply once a month.

Mix one part concentrate to nine parts water. Each bottle makes ten times its "ready to use" counterpart. Quart will make 2.5 gallons while the gallon size will make 10 gallons. Tired of that rotten egg smell that you may get with other deer repellents? This stuff smells good, AND stops deer damage!
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DSC032 3 lbs Quart (covers 10,000 sq ft) In Stock $34.99 $32.99
DSC128 9 lbs Gallon (covers 40,000 sq ft) In Stock $124.99 $120.99



Review Summary (Based on 7 Reviews)

5 Stars

Deer Stay Away wrote

Deer were really damaging my trees, rubbing and eating the leaves. This product really works! Sprayed my trees and they were gone.

5 Stars

Best I've tried wrote

It works and the smell is tolerable--unlike some others.

5 Stars

Finally wrote

A deer "repellant" that doesn't make you literally gag. And it actually works. The secret is to continue spraying blooms as they appear, don't just spray the plant.

4 Stars

If you can't have a fence... wrote

Make no mistake, deer will eat anything (except berberis and garlic mustard) if they're hungry, even deer-resistant plants. For them, it's life or death; for us it's a nuisance. But a consistent spraying program with Deer Stopper will protect most plants until they have a chance to grow out of reach or until bambi loses interest. This product smells better (to humans) than others and doesn't clog the sprayer. The best value is the gallon concentrate. I'd give this 5 stars if it were cheaper or didn't have to pay for shipping.

4 Stars

Seems to help wrote

Easy to mix up and smells good. Towards the end of 4 weeks after I sprayed the deer ate a couple of plants so I spray every 3 weeks now and have not had any plants eaten since. I hope it can keep the bucks from doing their scrapes on my trees as well.