Multi-Purpose Hose Swivel

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One tool  multiple uses!

If you have a garden hose, you must have a Swivel!
This multi-purpose hose swivel solves many common hose-related problems. The male end of this attachment rotates 180‚°. The female end rotates a full 360‚°! The heavy-duty ABS construction provides added strength. Some possible uses for your multi-purpose hose swivel include:
  • Attach it to your spigot to prevent kinking
  • Correct any faucet not set in the right direction
  • Angle your timer for a better view
  • Attach it to your nozzle or watering wand for a better angle
  • Eliminate hose bending due to a heavy attachment

Product Information

Product Features
  • Male end rotates 180°
  • Female end rotates 360°
  • Heavy-duty ABS construction
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