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MycoStim Beneficial Mycorrhizae

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MycoStim Beneficial Mycorrhizae

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Water soluble powder for dry or spray applications!

Great soil and root inoculant containing the spores of Mycorrhizae with 8 strains and Trichoderma a naturally occurring enzyme producing saprophytic beneficial fungi. This product also has the added value of Amino acids, vitamins, sea kelp, humic and fulvic acids to assist in root growth and jump-start to a more natural soil ecosystem. Product wt 1.0 lb. Ship Wt 1.5 lb.

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  • Ingredients: Beneficial rhizoshphere microbes 8 & 1/2%, Humic acids 8%, sea kelp extract 7%, cotton seed meal 76 & 1/2%
Product Benefits
  • Increases: stress resistance, Plant quality, yields and vigor, water and nutrient uptake.Reduces: Plant decline and loss from stress, Need for irrigation and fertilizers, Time to produce a marketable crop or plant.Promotes: More extensive roots, more vigorous plants, faster growth
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