Natural First Cut Premium Bamboo Stakes, Bundle

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First cut is 3 times stronger than wood, and is the best quality - more elastic, sturdier and it lasts much longer!

Hand-selected, this first cut bamboo is 3 times stronger than wood and higher quality than what you can find elsewhere. Top quality bamboo with straight, flexible shafts and growth rings, or nodes, along the length of the cane that naturally vary in spacing. Sturdy and long-lasting. These are ideal for field staking, and great for use in the greenhouse or garden. Value priced per bale; buy by the bale and save!

For long-term durability before use, we recommend you store your stakes out of direct sunlight and at 65% or less humidity, with good ventilation. Keep the stakes bundled and off the ground until usage. Note:Lengths of 8 feet and up must ship motor freight; orders of multiple bales may also require special shipping, call for more information.

Be Careful and Choose First-Cut Bamboo! Bamboo is a natural, sustainable product, but not all bamboo is the same. We led the industry in carrying only first-cut bamboo, which has a more elastic structure and is sturdier and longer-lasting than subsequent cuts. Here's how it works: Let's say that, in the field, a 15-foot length of bamboo is harvested. From this 15-foot length, we need an 8-foot finished cane. The 8-foot section is taken from the more flexible, sturdier section of cane. That's first-cut bamboo. The remaining 7 feet of the cane is then offered as second-cut bamboo. If the second piece is cut to a new size, you would create third-cut bamboo and so on. This later-cut bamboo is sometimes sold cheaply, because it has fibrous walls and much less flexibility. Second-cut bamboo will be more likely to snap or split in the field. When you are comparing bamboo pricing, be sure to ask which cutting you are getting. If it is not first-cut bamboo, be aware that you are sacrificing quality and probably will be disappointed. With A.M. Leonard, you will only get the best: First-Cut!***Bamboo is a natural product. As such, there is a variance to the diameter of each stake from the base to the top. Depending on the height of the stake, the top diameter could be up to 40% less than the diameter at the base***
Item # Diameter Length Bale Count Stock Status 1 – 14 15 + Qty
N60716 10-12 mm 5 Feet 250 Stakes In Stock $74.79 $69.82
N7234 18-20 mm 6 Feet 100 Stakes In Stock $70.29 $65.93
N84 14-16 mm 7 Feet 125 Stakes Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$92.19 $86.23
N8434 18-20 mm 7 Feet 100 Stakes Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$96.59 $90.17
N9601 24-26 mm 8 Feet 50 Stakes In Stock $92.49 $86.24
N108 24-26 mm 9 Feet 50 Stakes In Stock $98.79 $92.21
N1201 24-26 mm 10 Feet 40 Stakes In Stock $85.89 $80.07
N36 10-12 mm 3 Feet 500 Stakes In Stock $74.09 $69.74
N3612 12-14 mm 3 Feet 250 Stakes In Stock $46.29 $43.39
N4838 8-10 mm 4 Feet 500 Stakes Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$78.39 $73.70
N8412 12-14 mm 7 Feet 200 Stakes In Stock $116.39 $108.61
N96 22-24 mm 8 Feet 50 Stakes In Stock $84.09 $78.44
N601 24-26 mm 5 Feet 50 Stakes In Stock $67.09 $62.49
N841 24-26 mm 7 Feet 50 Stakes In Stock $85.09 $79.29
N144 30-32 mm 12 Feet 25 Stakes In Stock $84.39 $78.75
N481012 10-12 mm 4 Feet 250 Stakes In Stock $55.19 $51.87
N48 12-14 mm 4 Feet 250 Stakes In Stock $74.89 $70.13
N60 5 Feet 250 Stakes 12-14 mm In Stock $88.99 $83.54
N72 12-14 mm 6 Feet 250 Stakes In Stock $109.39 $102.39
N721 24-26 mm 6 Feet 50 Stakes In Stock $74.39 $69.43

Review Summary (Based on 31 Reviews)

1 Star

Bamboo Stakes are not lasting like they have in the past wrote

Bamboo not lasting in Far West Texas, Bought two rounds of 15/16. Dry weather, bamboo cracking laterally and breaking off at ground level. Pecan trees are leaning over and some have broken. To save a forty dollar pecan nursery tree, look for better support from, fiberglass, steel or good strong wood stakes. It's worth the money to pay for more significant support.

A.M. Leonard responds: We are reaching out to customer to learn more about application and to determine if it was a product defect or due to some other issue such as weather or installation method.

1 Star

Received wrong stuff wrote

I ordered 7/16" x 4ft bamboo and received bamboo netting. I refused the order.

5 Stars

Exactly what I was looking for wrote

Perfect size for staking up garden vegetable and flowers. I was thinking 250 was way to many, but as it turns out I needed a lot more than I thought.

5 Stars

Great product wrote

These Bamboo stakes work Excellent for tying up my trees!

5 Stars

Excellent bamboo stakes wrote

I'm using them to make a trellis to support 50' rows of green beans and peas. They are excellent for this use, and a good price, and so pretty.