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New! CX Horticulture Clone Start


Give your clones everything they need for proper development!

CX Horticulture?s Clone Start is a ready-to-use foliar spray. It contains a specialized carrier that delivers a clone-specific nutrient profile directly into the plants? cells. This carrier profile stimulates root growth and boosts the immune system of the clones. Choose your desired size below. Clone Start ensures that your clones have everything they need to build a solid root foundation. It also increases the clones? resistance to pathogens and diseases. To use, shake well and apply directly onto leaves. Use two to three times per week until you establish clones. You can also soak your growing medium in Clone Start before inserting the clones. This product works in conjunction with any clone gel or powder. Poor clones slowly grow into poor-quality plants. Clone Start solves the problem of establishing these clones. It allows for better plant health, higher yields, and a faster growing cycle. Try it today and give your clones a solid foundation for growth!
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