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New! Double Tomato Hooks with Twine

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Make trellising easier!

These Tomato Hooks feature a double-hook design. Each one includes enough twine to last the entire growing season. The first section of each hook provides a length of readily-available twine. The second section of each hook includes approximately 33 feet of additional twine. See below for buying options.To use, hang the Double Tomato Hook above your plants on a steel wire or your greenhouse support system. As the plants grow to reach the top of the wire, unwrap the twine, gently lower the plant, and shift the hook down the wire. Combine these with tomato clips to hook the plant to the twine. At harvest, release any tension to reach any tomatoes located at the top of the plant.These Double Tomato Hooks provide strong support for your plants. This support makes trellising your tomatoes, cucumbers, or other vine crops easier.
Item # Twine Length Number of Hooks Stock Status 1 – 14 15 + Qty
TOMHOOK40 6-1/2 Feet + 33 Feet 10 Hooks Out of Stock
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$6.39 $5.98

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4 Stars

Very Useful wrote

My first time using this product for tomatoes & cucumbers. It made my gardening more convenient and stress-free, thus enjoyable. Of course, you need to first set up some type of hanging trellis system (just search on Youtube). My only critique would be that I wish the hook ends were a little wider so they can hook onto horizontal rods, not just wire. I had to reshape them with pliers.

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