New Tribe Nikosi Reviews

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New Tribe Nikosi Reviews by The Treehouse Arborists

Prepared by New Tribe, Inc.
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Soon after the New Tribe Nikosi saddles were first released in Fall of 2010, two of them traveled a
circuit from arborist to arborist so they could give it a try and report on their experience. The progress
of the traveling saddles is recorded in a thread on The Treehouse arborist discussion forum online. Below is a selection of their responses. You’ll notice a few comments about other New Tribe saddle
models in addition to the focus on Nikosi.

No saddle is perfect for everyone; a few of the reviewers had a strong preference for other makes. Many
of the favorable reviews also pointed to issues that concerned them. This honest feedback shows us
where we can improve the Nikosi design. The Fall 2012 model Nikosi embodies these improvements and
more. The sample reviews below have been edited for length and mention of issues have been omitted.
Please visit The Treehouse discussion forum to read the full reviews. Thanks to forum host
masterblaster, and to Nick Araya for kicking this off.

"It’s a nice well thought out saddle…The two bridges allow for very fluid and smooth movements. I like
how comfortable it is when sitting in it, it’s the Lazy Boy of saddles. Second to none in terms of comfort
when sitting for long periods of time.
I'll be buying a NT as soon as my kids are old enough to fit in one. They are the best sit harness.
Inexpensive, comfort, lightweight and durability. They really make a good product."


"Got to try out the nikosi today on a crane removal. Every time the crane picked me up I was amazed
again at how comfy it is. At first I thought I wasn’t going to like the D rings which seem to flop around a
lot but I found that every time I went to clip my lanyard to it it was sticking out at 90 and actually made
it super easy to clip into, if this is a design feature then they have some pretty savvy designers. All in all
this is a super comfy sit harness and is awesome for those long Wraptor rides or crane rides. In the tree it
didn’t feel cumbersome and I didn’t notice much difference in hitch height compared with my Petzl."

"I deadwooded an oak, so I was able to move around a lot and see how different adjustments felt. First
off, everything felt great, and I love the way the large leg pads supported me. I thought it was awesome
that I could make quick easy adjustments while in the tree. Comfort was very good - Hanging and
standing with the lanyard felt right on, and the padding is definitely adequate for pruning or removals.
All in all, I think this saddle is great. I would recommend it highly.
The more it gets used, those large leg pads really form to the curve in your leg. I remember my Progear
at first was almost annoying as they felt "bulky". Now they form to the contour and they are

"I used it in a removal and liked the comfort and the D rings being front and center (always ready to clip
in). I felt no hip chafe. All in all it fit me better than anything I've been in."

"I tried the Nikosi out today on a live oak trim and I give it two thumbs up, for sure. She's a sweet saddle!"

"Just got done taking a ride in the Nikosi and overall I am impressed. I did some deadwooding in a big ol'
Red Oak and never had a problem. The large leg pads felt great, I felt like I was sitting in a recliner with
no discomfort. The saddle did not feel heavy to me and stayed in place where it was supposed to. It
appears extremely durable and seems like it would hold up well in the daily grind of tree work. If I were
to buy a second saddle right now for any reason, I would seriously look at the Nikosi. If I had to hang in
a saddle all day long, let’s say for canopy research purposes, I would choose the Nikosi hands down. I
am glad I had the opportunity to ride it, it was a pleasure!"


"Well, I'm impressed. This saddle surprised me with how well the double D ring set up worked. It really
does a good job distributing the weight to the large leg pads. Those of you who are familiar with New
Tribe saddles, know the leg pads are huge and quite comfy. The one I got was brand spankin' new and a
little stiff. It was easily adjustable and I think it will fit a variety of body types/sizes and climbing styles.
The small side D rings are the bomb and perfectly aligned for quick and easy one handed lanyarding.
They are small but not too small. They sat forward of center made flip lining in very comfortable.
Did I mention the saddle was comfortable?
For the money, this is a fine saddle. I had a (New Tribe) years ago and forgot how comfortable they
were. It appears well built and I know from experience they are deceptively durable. It has a nice mix of
rings and loops to hang gear off and did not seem overly "busy" on the back. The back pad is large and
provided nice back support."

"Climbed in it today. What a comfortable experience. Usually takes me a few climbs to get everything
adjusted just right. 10 min and a few cinches I was good."

"I received the East coast Nikosi today. It looks to be in amazing condition considering how many people
have worn it already. A friend of mine stopped by right when I got home and was here when I opened it,
and his climber buddy went nuts over the saddle. This climber already wears a New Tribe and loves it,
but within 3 minutes he was convinced that the Nikosi will be his next saddle."

"I think I'm going to buy the NT ProGear, I'd rather the Tengu, but my Supervisor doesn't like the idea of
soft "D's". I have the same saddle with soft "D's" at home and no worries, but alas, I don't make the
rules. Another guy on the crew loves the Nikosi and plans on buying one.
I rode the saddle today it's soooo comfortable. Just reaffirms NT's quality for me. Awesome."

"I am a huge fan of the ProGear, have more hours in that saddle than any of the several other saddles I's been comfortable, durable, and affordable. I think it may be the single best SRT saddle on the
market...and no slouch in any other category.
The only thing better about the Nikosi is the it may be considered superior for providing
agility/mobility for the climber. That's the only reason to go with the Nikosi over the ProGear. In all
other respects I think the PG holds an edge."

"One of my guys is 23 yrs old, very strong, agile, and athletic. He's only been climbing about a year but
he's taken to it extremely quickly. He tried it and loved it and wants to buy one."

" The feeling that came to mind was that this saddle comes alive when you work it... Feels odd just
standing in it. Feels cozy sitting in it. But when I work, I don't do a lot of standing or sitting. This saddle
is built to just plain move about the tree. The saddle performed wonderfully. Smooth transitions from
turning side to side, horizontal reaching, pretty much everything I could throw at it. I would highly
recommend it."

"After a full week of climbing in the Nikosi, I can say with certainty that it is a saddle to be reckoned
with. Very comfortable with excellent back support. Tool clips seem to be intuitively placed for saw
scabbards/chainsaw lanyards and such. Nice and light, simple, comfy and it seems like it would take the
beating that production climbing dishes out. I'm very impressed."

"I bought mine the day they came out and I can honestly say this is the perfect saddle for me. There have
been a few things that I was not real keen on at first but after a year, I can't think of one thing that I
really don't like about it. It just fits my climbing style."

"About ProGear: I'm getting to a point where I want a new saddle, I think my NT ProGear is about 7 years old. You
couldn't tell though, it's amazing. My gut is telling me to get the Nikosi, although on the other hand that
ProGear lasted so long, and treated me so well I'm in a toss-up.
After trying Nikosi: WOW! The same feeling of my Pro Gear without the twisting on my hips, it almost felt wrong, yet
soooo right. I DO like the little loops on the leg straps, I pulled a rigging line through and tied a knot as
a keeper, kept it out of the way PERfect while moving around the tree. Where do I order? Awesome,
awesome saddle, coming from the Pro Gear. NO more twisting on my hips, awesome on limbs walks.
Built very sturdy, as usual from New Tribe."

"Sweet saddle, super comfy, and not bulky or hard to walk in. The adjustable leg risers are key (lacking
in my Petzl Sequoia). The sliding bridge and leg thingy look strange at first but it really adds to the
performance of the saddle, and my hitch wasn't in my face when hanging."

"I love my Tengu! The soft D's are perfectly fine! In fact I check them more often because I can’t hear
the sound when clipping in. I like the look of the new back pad; the old can ride up into the ribs. I don't
mind the non floating bridge (had to get used to it) I like the fact that it twists. When in extreme
positions the back pad will twist and my side is supported by the large part of the pad instead of the
small tapered part. Since the legs are floating it allows my legs to move with my waist keeping my body
in somewhat ergonomic positions."

See the New Tribe Nikosi Saddle in Action:
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