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Notch Banshee Climbing Line with Standard Splice, 120 Feet

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This lightweight line keeps its round shape!

Notch?s Banshee Climbing Line features a braided nylon core. Notch surrounds this core with a 24-strand, abrasion-resistant polyester cover. This rope has a standard splice. The Banshee line got its name from its unique coloration. The green and blue rope has specs of semi-reflective gold. This coloration gives the line an unusual, ghostly appearance as it passes from sunlight to shade. This rope measures 120 feet in length and 11-7/10 mm (7/16-inch) in diameter. This line is also available in either a non-spliced version or a Tight Eye Splice.

Notch Banshee Climbing Line combines high strength with a low stretch. This combination makes it perfect for traditional and modern moving rope systems (MRS). It is the ideal line for tree care professionals looking for a lightweight rope with a resilient roundness.

The braided nylon core allows Banshee Climbing Line to keep its roundness under load. It does this without being overly heavy. Its polyester jacket resists abrasion and UV radiation, giving you a long service life!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Diameter (mm): 11-7/10
  • Length (feet): 120
  • Weight (pounds per 100 feet) 6-1/5
  • Tensile strength (strength): 8,353
  • WLL at 5:1 ratio (pounds): 1,670
  • Material: Polyester
  • Construction: Double braid
  • Knotability (10 = excellent): 8
  • Splice: Standard
  • Roundness under load (10 = round): 10
  • Surface texture (10 = smooth): 10
  • Wax content (10 = high): 0
  • Milks: Yes
Product Features
  • Standard spliced climbing line
  • Braided nylon core
  • Polyester cover
  • Unique coloration
Product Benefits
  • Great for tree care professionals
  • A great combination of high strength and low stretch
  • Ideal for use in traditional and modern moving rope systems (MRS)
  • Retains its round shape while under load
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