New! Notch Dragon Climbing Line with Single Grizzly Splice

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Climbing rope designed with strength in mind!

Notchs Dragon Climbing Line got its name due to its high strength and scaly, high-visibility appearance. This strong kernmantle line features a grizzly splice on one end. This rope consists of a parallel twisted nylon core wrapped in a 32-strand polyester jacket. The core fibers provide tensile strength while the exterior sheath protects the core from abrasion during use. This line measures approximately 11 mm in diameter. Choose your desired length below. This line is also available as a non-spliced line or with double grizzly splices.

Notch Dragon Climbing Line feels good in-hand and functions well in most mechanical devices. This semi-static line is perfect for stationary rope system (SRS) climbing. This lines low-stretch nature absorbs some of the bounciness experienced when ascending with full-polyester kermantles.

The Dragon line has a low rate of creep. Its unique nylon core maximizes its overall strength. The polyester jacket resists abrasion and UV radiation, providing you with a long service life!
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DR716120GS 120 Feet Out of Stock
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DR716150GS 150 Feet Out of Stock
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DR716200GS 200 Feet Out of Stock
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DR716600GS 600 Feet Out of Stock
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  • Length (feet): Varies
  • Diameter (mm): 11
  • Weight (pounds per 100 feet): 6
  • Tensile strength (pounds): 8,800
  • WLL at 5:1 ratio (pounds): 1,760
  • Construction: Kernmantle
  • Core Material: Nylon
  • Sheath material: Polyester
  • Knotability (10 = excellent): 5
  • Splice: Grizzly
  • Roundness under load (10 = round): 10
  • Surface texture (10 = smooth): 10
  • Wax content (10 = high): 0
  • Milks: Yes

Product Features

  • High-strength kernmantle line
  • Grizzly splice on one end
  • Non-spliced on opposite end
  • Semi-static
  • Parallel twisted nylon core
  • Polyester jacket

Product Benefits

  • Feels great in-hand
  • Works well in most mechanical devices
  • Perfect for SRS climbing due to its low-stretch nature
  • Low rate of creep and durable construction maximize service life


    • Question:What is a kernmantle line?

      Answer: Kermantle comes from the German words kern, meaning 'core', and mantel, meaning 'sheath'. This type of rope consists of an inner core wrapped in an external sheath.
    • Question:What is creep?

      Answer: Creep is the rate/length at which the rope fibers irreversibly stretch over time. The lower the creep, the longer the service life.

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