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Notch Kraken Rigging Line with Double Eye Splices


Kraken offers you superior strength and shock mitigation!

Notch Kraken Rigging Line features a polyester core surrounded by a tight-braided polyester jacket. This line has an eye splice at both ends. Choose your desired diameter and length below. Also available in either a non-spliced version or with a single eye splice. Notch Kraken is a monster of a rigging line and is ready to take on your toughest rigging jobs. Its braided construction makes it very easy to splice. It works well in standard rigging setups and knotless rigging setups. This line is very good at mitigating shock. Notch Kraken Rigging Line is solid and has a robust feel. The tight-braided polyester jacket gives Kraken Line substantial durability. This line resists kinking, twisting, and hockling.
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