NSI Acceleraton Air Pruning Container Trade 45

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# NSAP45
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Weight: 32.63 lbs
The Nursery Supplies Accelerator Pot is "The most advanced air root pruning system in the industry". Produce much larger trees in the same time as conventional containers, at a cost-per-tree that is less than traditional methods. Vertical corrugations in the container wall guide the root tips to air-pruning slots; resulting in a denser, more uniform root mass with no root circling. Liner roots develop quicker and this can reduce the need for over-wintering protection. Plus, a healthier root structure means the shelf life can be extended without worrying about plant distress. Available from small propagation sizes up to #65. Larger sizes up to #200 are coming soon. Please call for a free quote. Black in color.


  • Trade size 45
  • 30" wide x 18" high
  • 41.9 gallons
  • 6 per bundle

Product Features

Creates rapid development of dense, lateral feeder roots, just like in nature, but more enhanced Offers greater rates of survivability when planted in native landscape Extends product shelf life so trees and plants survive longer when taken to market

Product Benefits

Not just for trees - Get outstanding air root pruning results for all types of plants


One-year manufacturer's quality guarantee

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