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For All Your Nursery Supply & Equipment Needs

Propagation requires nursery pots and trays, and quality nursery supplies and equipment. Propagation and plug trays can help make starting seedlings a snap. Our quality fiber pots can be transplanted along with the seedlings. For automated systems, we carry standard-sized round pots with sturdy rims. We have quality fertilizers to make sure new seedlings get the healthiest start they can. Selling container gardens is easier with our wide selection of quality containers. We have several different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Tags and labels help make identifying plants quick and easy. Horticulturalists can easily identify plants by appearance, but their customers most likely need tags in order to differentiate varieties. Machine-printable labels are available to make keeping track of inventory a breeze. Cards and sign holders make it easy to call attention to whatever is on sale that day. Waterproof and washable markers allow businesses to create engaging signs highlighting their wares.

For trees and other plants with extensive root systems, our root guiding trays and root pots prevent root circling and make sure the roots grow straight to make transplanting easier.

For protecting inventory from unsightly fungus and disease, we feature a variety of fungicides and insecticides.