Ooze Tube Drip Irrigation Bag

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Promotes root development by slowly decreasing water output as the tube empties.

The Ooze Tube is an innovative and uniquely engineered watering system for establishing trees as quickly and as cost effective as possible. You can control the drip time from a few days to a couple weeks depending upon how many emitters are used.
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OT15 1 lb 15 gallons, fits 2- inch caliper trees In Stock $13.19 $12.44
OT25 2 lb 25 gallons, fits up to 5- inch caliper trees In Stock $19.29 $18.40

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4 Stars

Working Great! wrote

I have an orchard that I can only visit once per week & was having issues with trees not surviving during the hot summer (even tho I watered once per week). I installed these a couple months ago & the ground is always moist when I checkup on the new trees. They are easy to setup and fill and I'm really optimistic that they will solve my problems with water. I'm glad I found these things & I'm buying more now. They are made out of pretty tough material & (funny thing), the deer don't seem to want to step on them so they aren't getting as close to the trees to chew off the new shoots. (This might change, but this also might help during the rut when they tear things up).

4 Stars

Ooze Tube Drip Bag wrote

Very useful in mainaining water to trees in remote areas of the school.

5 Stars

Ooze Tube wrote

I purchased a few different slow release watering systems to compare and this one is the easiest and cheapest. A great overall product!

1 Star

Go back to the old technology wrote

The old system worked much better. The bag would keep the tree roots wet for a week. The New Bag will just empt all at once.

4 Stars

15 gallon Ooze Tube wrote

I purhased and installed 40 bags for newly planted Green Giant Thuja trees. A couple of issues but not really a fault with the bags. Some of the trees were planted on a slope. This caused the water to go to the back or bottom of the bag so I had to put the emitter below the tree so the water was a little less effective. The other problem with was I now needed a longer stake because: the ground was softer around the planting and the slope was pulling everything downhill. On level ground, none of this is a problem. I was missing a few emitters so I just poked a hole in the bag and let it run. One other thing to consider: the branches on these trees come right to the ground making some of them difficult to install and completely fill. Not an issue at with a straight trunked hardwood. I would buy the bags again as they ultimately did the job they were supposed to and I would absolutely buy them from A.M. Leonard again as they were awesome to deal with!

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