Orbit Irrigation

At A.M. Leonard, we offer a huge variety of sprinkler heads, nozzles, and brass connectors from one of the leading names in irrigation: Orbit Irrigation. Our customers love Orbit sprinkler heads and parts for their rugged build and superior performance. We're committed to offering commercial-grade Orbit sprinklers that provide full flow volume and a variety of spray types to meet your irrigation needs.

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Viewing 1 - 10   10 Items

If you're looking for versatility in your hose nozzle, check out our highly rated Orbit Deluxe Multipurpose Easy Twist Nozzle, which features both a powerful jet stream and a delicate spray -- all with a simple twist! This heavy-duty attachment is built for rigorous commercial use and is nearly indestructible.

If you're a nursery worker or professional landscaper looking for a sprinkler with superior performance, a bronze Orbit sprinkler head may be just what you need. Our brass Orbit sprinkler heads feature a deflector and diffuser screw for ideal distance control. This is a classic design that can be adjusted for a full or partial circle spray.

From the Orbit Irrigation traveling lawn sprinkler to the traditional brass Orbit sprinkler heads, A.M. Leonard has all your irrigation needs covered. Check out our Orbit Irrigation products today and find exactly what you need for your business.