Organic Biodegradable Paper Mulch


This mulch is 100% biodegradable!

The mulch cover features a biodegradable paper construction. This standard weight paper is about as thin as a credit card. Biodegradable Paper Mulch is OMRI-listed for use in organic operations. Priced per roll; choose your desired roll size below.

Use Biodegradable Paper Mulch to suppress weeds and support lush plant growth. It conforms to uneven fields, gardens, and other terrain and is an excellent alternative to traditional plastic films. This mulch is also great for long-season or overwinter crops like garlic and is durable enough for landscaping and habitat restoration. Biodegradable Paper Mulch is easy to apply by hand or with a tractor. The rolls have enough flex for you to use it with mulch-laying machines. Use two layers for year-long control for newly established plants.

At the end of your growing season, this mulch decomposes naturally. This decomposition process eliminates the time and labor costs related to retrieval and disposal. As an added benefit, decomposition adds beneficial carbon to the soil that your plants need. This product is 100 percent made in the USA!
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