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Organic Fertilizer

If you're looking for an environmentally safe and effective alternative to harsh chemicals, you're in the right place. A.M. Leonard offers a great selection of organic fertilizers for those landscapers and gardeners looking to get back to basics without sacrificing quality. With these naturally derived products you'll no longer need to worry about what you're putting in the ground.

12   23 Items
12   23 Items

We stock organic fertilizers from top manufacturers Bradfield Organics and The Andersons. These products are extremely safe -- kids and pets can feel free to play on treated areas immediately after application. These organic fertilizers are non-polluting and can even be used around lakes, streams, and rivers. No artificial ingredients are utilized, just natural components like corn gluten, alfalfa, molasses, and poultry by-products. Whether you're looking to fertilize lawns, crops, vegetables, or flower beds, these slow-releasing formulas are the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious horticultural professional.

When it comes to choosing the right organic fertilizer, trust A.M. Leonard to offer effective solutions at competitive prices. We only stock products that will get the job done day after day, season after season. Check out our selection of natural and organic fertilizers today.