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Osmocote 19-5-8 Slow Release Fertilizer

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Osmocote 19-5-8 Slow Release Fertilizer

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Fortified with STEP Hi-Mag Nutrients!

This Osmocote fertilizer blend contains nitrogen (19%), phosphorus (5%), and potassium (8%) along with high amounts of magnesium (1.5%) and sulfur (8.1%). Osmocote fortifies this fertilizer with STEP Hi-Mag micronutrients. This slow-release fertilizer is water-soluble. Each bag contains 50 pounds of fertilizer.

Osmocote 19-5-8 is great for general purpose outdoor production. It offers a consistent release over 8 to 9 months and across a wide range of temperatures. Its dual-coated design reduces nitrogen leeching and decomposes with minimal environmental impact. You can incorporate 19-5-8 directly into the growing media or apply it as a top dress. See application rates below.

Osmocote designed this fertilizer to be both effective and affordable. It delivers nutrients in a highly efficient manner. This process results in robust growth and maximum yields.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Guaranteed analysis: Nitrogen (19.00%), phosphorus (5.00%), potassium (8.00%), magnesium (1.50%), calcium (1.60%), sulfur (8.10%), iron (1.00%), copper (0.06%), and zinc (0.13%)
  • Bag weight (pounds): 50
  • Release time (months): 8 to 9
Product Features
  • General purpose fertilizer
  • Slow release
  • Water soluble nutrients
  • Fortified with STEP Hi-Mag micronutrients
Product Benefits
  • Affordable and efficient
  • Ideal for general-purpose outdoor production
  • Dual coating reduces nitrogen leeching and decomposes with minimal environmental impact
  • Highly efficient nutrient delivery results in robust growth and maximize yields
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