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As the Horticultural industry deals with unprecetented stock and delivery delays, A.M. Leonard will continue to deliver on our promise to be transparent with you, our customers.  Please find below information on how we calculate the "Estimated in-stock dates" that are displayed on all out-of-stock product pages. 

Where to Find our Most Updated Product In-Stock Dates (Updated Daily)

Estimated in-stock date exampleEstimated in-stock date example



Find Estimated In-Stock Dates 

on Each Out-of-Stock Product Page


  • On each out-of-stock product on, you'll find an "Estimated Back In Stock Date" directly below the product description. 
  • The estimated date is updated daily, and an explanation of how this date is calculated is noted below. 
  • These dates are based on the most up-to-date information we have, but frequently change due to manufacturer delays.
  • Please note: while we are always value your call, this date is the exact date that our Customer Service agents will provide you on a phone call or via our Live Chat system.

How our Estimated In-Stock Dates are Calculated

Estimated date calculation breakdownEstimated date calculation breakdown



A.M. Leonard Estimated In-Stock Dates are Calculated and Updated Daily, using Three Components: 


  • Daily Communication with Suppliers:  our purchasing teams are soliciting and receiving updates from our manufacturing partners daily. These dates are immediately passed to to ensure the most recent expectations from manufacturers are represented. 
  • Communicated Manufacturing Lead Times: specific to A.M. Leonard brand items, we're working with our manufacturing and raw material teams to best understand when products will be produced. 
  • Calculated Shipping Lead Times: perhaps more than at any time in recent history, shipping lead times are critical to calculate. We work daily with cargo, freight, and parcel companies to understand their shipping lead times and add these to the manufacturing expectations.