OX Pro Aluminum Concrete Rake with Hook

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Extremely light yet incredibly durable!

The OX Pro Aluminum Concrete Rake is super light thanks to its one-piece aluminum construction. It features a braced head to handle connection for additional strength. OX has also equipped this tool with a 3/8-inch diameter hook for lifting rebar.

Due to its dimensions, this product must ship via motor freight delivery. It is not eligible for any free or reduced shipping offers.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Handle length: 60 inches
  • Head width: 20 inches
  • Head height: 4 inches
  • Head thickness: 100 millimeters
  • Hook diameter: 3/8 inch
Product Features
  • Handle features a soft grip
  • Extremely light
  • One-piece aluminum construction
  • Braced for additional strength
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