Perma Paver Edging, 75-Pound Bucket

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Perma Paver Edging, 75-Pound Bucket

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Permaâ„¢ Paver Edging - Permaâ„¢ Paver Edging floats and flexes with the foundation of paver projects, creating an extremely long lasting edge restraint that combats the freeze/thaw cycles in cold climates. This cement based product contains a proprietary blend of additives that makes Permaâ„¢ Paver Edging 700% more flexible and 40% more permeable than ordinary concrete. A recipe for the best performing paver edge restraint on the market. With over 200 miles of Permaâ„¢ Edge installed since its debut 4 years ago. This revolutionary product not only eliminates the infamous heaved plastic paver edging failures. It is also comparable in pricing to most common plastic paver edging options. Cuts down on installation time by 90%. And will always remain completely under the soil/ mulch grade. Permaâ„¢ Paver Edging is the perfect mix of strength, flexibility, and permeability. Out preforming traditional paver edge restraints that are destined to fail.

Perma™ Paver Edging ships in a convenient, weather resistant, 5 gallon bucket. Each bucket contains 75 lb of mix. For most common paver projects, 1 bucket will yield 16’ - 24’ of paver edging. 1 bucket of Perma™ Paver Edging is designed to mix perfectly with 1 gallon of water. This makes mixing and applying extremely simple. Scrape the bedding layer away from the paver edge to expose the aggregate underneath. Then apply the mix along edge and smooth with a finishing trowel. Once installed there is no delay in any of procedures that follow. Perma™ Edge is instantly ready to be covered up with soil or mulch. Sand can be applied to the patio and followed immediately by compaction. Visit to download installation instructions and review Perma Paver Edging FAQ’s! Proudly Made in the USA! Ship wt 75 lb.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Format: Powder
  • Bucket volume (gallons): 5
  • Bucket weight (pounds): 75
Product Features
  • Powdered paver edging restraint
  • Concrete-based formula with a proprietary blend of additives
  • Convenient weather-resistant bucket
  • Made in the USA!
Product Benefits
  • Creates an extremely long-lasting edge restraint
  • The perfect mix of strength, flexibility, and permeability
  • Floats and flexes with the foundation of any paver project
  • Seven times more flexible and 40% more permeable than traditional concrete
  • Stays under the mulch/soil grade to stay invisible
  • Combats the freeze and thaw cycles in cold climates
  • Resists moisture-based deterioration in warmer, humid environments
  • Outperforms traditional paver restraints and secures your projects beyond warranty terms
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