Petzl Pantin Rope Foot Ascender

Petzl Pantin Rope Foot Ascender
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# VP-B2
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The Pantin is an efficient rope grab that is quickly secured around the bottom foot and ankle with a double back buckle, reducing fatigue and allowing for a quick climb. This device is now available in a left and a right version and the improved cam facilitates passage of the rope through the device. Once the climber is in position, the device is usually left on, being ready to advance the climber to the next position. The Pantin is often used to compliment the Croll, Ascension, and AscenTree rope clamps. Reinforced strap with Dyneema for abrasion resistance. Aluminum frame, chrome plated steel cam. Use with 8mm to 13mm lines. Typically 7/16" to 1/2" climbing lines. Ship Wt. .5 lb.

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