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For a tough, versatile garden tool, look no further than A.M. Leonard's supply of garden mattocks. This handy device is used for digging, chopping and cutting, combining an adze with usually either an axe blade or a pick, depending on your needs. Check out our wide selection of garden and landscaping tools to find the best pick mattocks and cutter mattocks, and make quick work of tough tasks today!

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Our pick mattocks combine two common gardening needs: an adze on one side for prying, hoeing, and scooping, and a pick or spike on the other side, for breaking up hard or rocky soil or digging small trenches. Our cutter mattocks join the same aspects of the adze with an axe blade, useful for chopping roots, stumps, suckers, and more. And customers love our tiller mattocks, great for cultivating the soil and planting.

A.M. Leonard understands that tools should be tough and durable, so offers cutter, tiller and pick mattocks with heavy-duty forged heads and built-to-last composite handles. And to extend the life of your favorite tools even longer, we stock replacement heads and replacement handles in both hickory and composite materials.

Gardeners, professional landscapers and arborists love to have several of these versatile hand tools available for a great variety of tasks, whether breaking through tough soil, making holes for planting, cutting through matted sod, and more. Check out A.M. Leonard's selection of mattocks today and get to work knowing you're using trusted, quality tools!