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Plant Biomarker, 9-in and 13-in

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Earth friendly garden markers!

Any gardener or horticultural company can reduce their carbon footprint by using these new Biomarkers. Durable and long-lived plant markers are made from DuraMaze™ a blend of biomass, natural fibers from corn cob by-products and recycled plastics. Each pack of markers come with a sheet of weatherproof pressure sensitive labels or the markers can be written on directly with a hort pen or permanent marker. 4 colors to choose from-green, white stone, terra cotta and black. The 9in markers have a 3in x 2in face plate area and the 13in has a 4in x2 1/2in face plate area.
Item # Ship Wt Quantity Size Color Stock Status 1 – 9 10 + Qty
BM13WS 1 lb 10 per Bag 13-in White In Stock $14.69 $14.20
BM13BLK 1 lb 10 per Bag 13-in Black Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$14.49 $14.02
BM9BLK 1 lb 15 per Bag 9-in Black Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$18.04 $17.55
BM9WS 9-in White 15 per Bag 1 lb Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$18.04 $17.55
BM13DG 1 lb 10 per Bag 13-in Green In Stock $14.69 $14.20
BM13TC 1 lb 10 per Bag 13-in Terra Cotta In Stock $14.69 $14.20
BM9DG 1 lb 15 per Bag 9-in Green In Stock $18.04 $17.55
BM9TC 9-in Terra Cotta 15 per Bag 1 lb In Stock $18.04 $17.55

Review Summary (Based on 3 Reviews)

4 Stars

Biomarkers Plant Labels wrote

We use for permanent plant labels such as for numerous cultivars dwarf Japanese maples to mark exact cultivar type. We use professional electrician label maker using permanent polyester label tape hoping they will last durably. Careful inserting into ground and support tip if ground is a bit hard to prevent thin tip from snapping which it won't if you support the tip if ground hard, which you won't have to if ground is cultivated or moderately loose and/or if you are careful about your insertion angle. Staff was nebulous how long the biomarkers will last since they list as biodegradable however they look and feel like durable plastic. Very professional result. 4 colors to chose give excellent choice options.

4 Stars

Plant Biomarkers work well in the garden wrote

I use the 9" Biomarkers abundantly in my landscaped yard. Visitors like that plants are ID'd. While the stakes are great, the labels that come with them do not last, so I use my own.

4 Stars

Biomarkers wrote

I have purchased these in the past from another source ( which was more expensive). The plant markers are very satisfactory, but the labels that come with them do not last long before they peel off. I now use an A.M. Leonard marker, a china marker, or for more permanent labels, I print with my Brother handheld printer.

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