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Plant nurseries understand that certain kind of plants do well together and some do better apart. A.M. Leonard has a variety of plant labels and garden accessories to help keep plants neatly and clearly identified so nurseries can see with a glance what plants they have in stock and landscapers know which plants are which when they arrive at the job site.

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12   14 Items

Bright, colorful plant tags make it easy to see which plants are which and make it easier to organize and sort the plants at the job site, saving both time and labor. We carry high quality, durable plastic plant tags in a rainbow of colors. Our tags are suitable for use with both horticultural pens and thermal transfer ink, so the labels can be hand-written or printed with a thermal transfer machine. Either way, the plants will be clearly marked and much easier to keep track of.

Labels are especially important for hobbyist gardeners. It may be easy to tell which plant is which in the nursery, but when it's time to plant them, it may become more difficult to tell which is which. If the nursery uses neat, colorful labels, it makes it that much easier for the gardener to enjoy his purchase because he never has a moment of doubt as to what plant it is and where it should be planted. Hobbyist gardeners often need to put labeled garden stakes in the garden to remember what was planted. They will sometimes use the nursery's label for that, reminding them where the plants are from.