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Plant markers, stakes, steel sign holders, and cards help nurseries clearly label their products for customers. Washable colored markers allow you to customize the look to your business, the season, or whatever theme you like. Preprinted plastic cards and their accompanying metal sign holders are also available. Plastic stakes allow easy identification of individual plants. We also have waterproof garden markers to allow you to create durable labels that won't rinse off during rainfall or watering.

Flagging tape can clearly mark plants and areas for later use. We feature over 75 different types of flagging tape, including biodegradable varieties. A rainbow of colors and patters, such as checkerboard, allow landscapers to easily coordinate flagging tape appearance with the final intended use of the patch being marked off. Marking flags and stakes allow you to mark off and provide information about an area at the same time. They can also be custom printed to proudly announce to passersby that your business is hard at work creating a masterpiece.